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Los Angeles Cars Online

Los Angeles Cars Online

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Why Los Angeles Cars Online? Well, Los Angeles depends on cars!

In support of our reliance on cars, Los Angeles Cars Online provides an easy access to Los Angeles automotive product and service providers as well as helpful resources for L.A. car owners and Los Angeles drivers. Some of the information will guide you through the process of buying and selling a car in California. Some explains basic car maintenance and features car maintenance how to videos.
Los Angeles Cars Online Website is growing: expect more and better, soon!

For now, check out these facts:

  • The estimated number of drivers in L.A.: 14,170,000
  • Number of vehicles per L.A. household: 3.1
  • The approximate number of L.A. parking tickets issued this year: 950,000
  • The approximate number of moving violation tickets issued this year in L.A.: 172,888

(Quoted from: U.S. Census Bureau; Los Angeles Police Department; Los Angeles Department of Transportation and CNW Marketing Research Inc.)

“Los Angeles’ population will grow by 2.4 million by 2030, resulting in a total of 7 million cars on the roads each day. Already, congestion in Los Angeles is one of the worst in the nation, and the city’s rapid transit surely does not have enough connections or lines to serve the entire city or region. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of commuters who use public transportation in Los Angeles County is 7% (10% within the borders of the city of Los Angeles), far lower than in other major American cities: 30% of San Franciscan workers use transit, 25% within Chicago, and 54% in New York City.”

(Excerpted from Los Angeles’ Future in Mobility: Many Goals But Many Obstacles by Alexander Lew)

A car is the second largest investment most of us make. Los Angeles Cars Online is here to support fellow L.A. car owners and Los Angeles drivers. Dig in!